Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Business Problems For Jamba Juice

Fe y Alegría 17 means that a truly comprehensive education that educates for life, considering all the fundamental aspect of the person. We assume the job as a personal embodiment and promotion social and community development, so that education "in and for the work" is essential in our educational.
Our students acquire and develop basic skills for this multi-purpose area, which starts from the primary, also have technical training workshops in industry segments such as clothing, wood and metallic carpentry, secretarial computer, electronics and computing; in them offers young people the opportunity to learn a technical specialty and access to a basic qualification as a complementary tool to pursue higher studies and improve employment conditions and expectations of improved quality of life for those entering the workforce immediately.
technical training content is complemented with Business Management, so that graduates are able to generate their own job, start your shop and manage it from the perspective of micro-enterprise as an alternative to the growing problem of unemployment.
In Fe y Alegría 17 at the same time education and the work aims to answer the challenge of knowing and managing the technological culture of today, with projections into the future. Therefore, the proposal envisages teaching critical and creative appropriation of major technological bases and the use of new technology from the scientific and practical training in all curriculum areas. The focus is on developing skills, not to be absorbed by the culture, but to prepare trainees to create. Adapting and adopting technological resources that contribute to the country's competitive insertion in the international market and ways of sustainable development in a society with equity and justice for all.


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