Monday, January 31, 2011

Homemade Thermal Camera

This past Saturday we were invited to taste a menu of "onions and meat Galician restaurant in Watermark Hotel Plaza de Barcelona. Share table, talks, laughs and drinks with several bloggers, including cuina of our admired Oscar, thanks for the gift, the blog of cuina Dolors, in fact I found the recipe for squid, Juana Direct to the palate of , Maria Dolores de Cuinant , Clemenvilla of Bites sky, the ineffable and wise Manel de Cuina is to generate the beautiful Valencian Pepper Rosa , Kirei , Elena unrepentant the traveler's kitchen i Pozu the beautiful, elegant and hoarse Lila Lila Eat or Petit Pot, I advise you to visit its magnificent photos. Sure I leave it to someone, if so I refresh your memory and add it.

As my grandmother share is to enjoy, so I want to share this experience with all of you and you, we will raffle a dinner for two in the Watermark Restaurant, we will make it easy, you just have to make a comment the blog, what meat you prefer?, How do calçots sauce?, what is the origin of the word salvitxada?, or whatever you want to discuss. Then you must be fans of the facebook page of the Watermark Restaurant, I am attaching the link:

There is time to leave your comment on the blog be a fan until Sunday 06/02/1911, the person who meets these requirements must be given a number with which to participate in the drawing to be held on Monday 07/02/1911.
kindly thank Núria Solà, Núria to Ilu and Globally. Following a presentation by Núria, chat and Paco Hernández Fernando Feijoo, xefs of Watermark and explanation of Edgar Puigbó Carns, we rushed to the table to taste the spring onions, the classic and tempura, piquillo peppers and those "pieces of flesh with a Camins del Priorat.
tasted a little of each type of meat, very good steak north, the classic American T-Bone cut, chop Galician quality assurance, Nebraska meat also surprising, made in USA of course, a fillet onglet first and cut, also called hanger steak or butcher's tenderloin. All the cooked meat to an oven Josper coal reaches high temperatures, were kind enough to show the back of the restaurant and the aforementioned apparatus, curious to see.

For dessert a wonderful bar of chocolate truffles guanay with mascarpone mousse, good dessert to finish the job. Eye on the menu these days do not expect a calçotada is tasting menu and the meat is a choice. I mention this because if you go to visit the restaurant will be a great bacchanal not they served to us will be the same quality and level without testing all types of meat, if you like you can repeat. Normally in the restaurant have steak and chop northern Galicia.
! And Voila!,! Game On, there is time until Sunday 02.06.1911, the following Monday 07/02/1911, I will publish the winners of the draw that will make using the system , to be perfectly legal. In short, to participate in this contest is to make a comment on the blog from today until Sunday and become a fan of the Watermark Restaurant, you will be given a number and this will participate in the drawing, there is only one number per comment and person , if you can make all the comments you will, but only a little number will have to win "easy, no?.


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