Thursday, March 20, 2008

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The importance of food

Our lives depend heavily on our supply is adequate to meet the needs of our body.
The power supply provides for movement and subject to build the body and thus are essential nutrients.
is important to note that not everything we eat has no nutritional value (which is not necessarily edible food.)
According to traditional medicine and naturopathic there are 4 types of food :

- Solid (cereals, fruits, vegetables ...)
- Liquids (water, juice ...)
- Gaseous ( oxygen we breathe)
- Electromagnetic (sunlight)

The lack of any food has, if prolonged, to cell death:

- 40 days without solid food
- 7 days without food liquid
- 2-3 minutes without oxygen
- No radiation (sunlight) is produced immediate death

What are nutrients?

In food find the nutrients needed to keep our body. There are two types of nutrients:

- Macronutrients: Carbohydrates. Proteins. Fat.
- Micronutrients: Vitamins . Minerals. Trace . Enzymes .

This differentiation depends on the needs that they have the body (macro = greater; micro = lowest)

- The carbohydrates provide glucose, the "gasoline" body = energy.

- The proteins provide amino acids, the building blocks necessary for the subject = feedback, antibodies, etc.

- The fats are energy reserves and are essential for the health of the terminations nerve, brain, cell membranes and hormone balance.

- Micro-nutrients facilitate the chemical reactions necessary for the macronutrients convert to energy and matter being thus their catalytic action and flattering.

- The minerals are constitutive of matter (eg. Calcium from bones) and are essential for water balance (too much sodium causes fluid retention).

Terms of healthy eating

1. Must contain all necessary nutrients (macro and micro .)

2. These nutrients must be consumed in amounts / required proportions and balanced.

3. Low toxicity should be as the organic processing of all foods generate waste and toxins that can not be conveniently removed (for internal fault or for being too "heavy") are the cause of many diseases.


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