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Several months ago I read a very interesting book about human evolution and disease of affluence: diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and cancer, called "fat monkey." I recommend reading.

both in developed societies as in some emerging countries, these and other diseases of affluence such as cardiovascular, greatly affecting much of the population over forty years but also begin to appear on our children. In this book, Professor Campbell examines the role that our genes play in the development of these diseases and explains how many of these complaints come from the incompatibility between the evolutionary design of our bodies and the proper use we make of it.

The author, Jose Enrique Campillo Alvarez holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Granada and Professor of Physiology at the University of Extremadura. His research has focused on studying various aspects of diabetes and human nutrition, and author of numerous scientific publications and books related to his specialty. He is a member of several companies scientific and the "European Association for the Study of Diabetes." In 1989 he was awarded the National Prize for Research of the English Society of Diabetes.

Then I'll copy an interview he did in the newspaper "La Vanguardia" related to this book:

- When there began to be fat?

"As we run after the meal.

- When did this happen?

"With the dominance of agriculture and livestock, makes only 8,000 years.

- Had not fat before?

-No. Exempted only if it physical wear any individual, any special reason.

- And what about these prehistoric sculptures of plump hips venus?

-Pregnancy and childbirth involve much loss of energy ... and those that encourage people saw those fat reserves in favor of women fertility.

- At what point in the history of mankind has been fatter?

"Never have so many fat people as now.

- Why?

"Because today more than ever we have a way of life that our body was not designed.

- Why is designed my body?

"To walk in search of food, running behind the food.

"Today I go to the super and ready !

"That is called wealth. And we're not designed for that, because we have been shaped by millions of years of famine, starvation. We are the children of hunger!

"Not only the post-war thing, I see ...

- No animal species has been more hungry than the humans! Millions of years of food shortages selected our genes: the individuals survived more out of what little energy extracted from food. And those passed on their genes!

- More good energy?

-selected food shortages so-called thrifty gene: individuals whose genetics are better empowered to store as fat-energy intake, were those who resisted and survived better.

- What we have inherited the thrifty gene?

"Yes, genetic design that it came in handy ... and we find any problem with this wealth.

"Then Is obesity genetic?

-Obesity is a disease of affluence, such as diabetes II, hypertension and atherosclerosis: a disharmony between our evolutionary design and opulent life.

- What do we do? Are we going hunting?

"No need, just a hour of walking every day with a stretch of jogging.

-Trot mess.

-Ja, ja ... The human being at birth, fat is the creature of nature!

- What? I did not.

"We follow the whale and sea lions.

"Well I do not spare a lot of fat ... "Because

must burn more energy than consumed, among other reasons rehash. But it is irrefutable that our evolutionary design, sunk in luxury today, our species becomes an obese monkey!

- what else can we do?

-Eat according to our evolutionary design. We come from five million years of tropical forest diet (Ardipithecus ramidus), three million years of scarcity of vegetables (Australopithecus afarensis), two million years building meats and fish (Homo ergaster) and only 8,000 years old livestock and agriculture (Homo sapiens sapiens), our diet should be consistent with this evolutionary path!


-50% of our food should be like that of Ardipithecus, 30%, like that of Australopithecus, a 18%, such as Homo ergaster, and only 2% with the innovations introduced by the Homo sapiens sapiens!


-50% of fruit, leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, escarole), vegetables, egg yolk and fruit (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumber), inflorescences (Cauliflower, broccoli), roots (carrots, beets, radishes, turnips) or bulbs (garlic, onion, leek).

"Then, 30% in Australopithecus plan.

-Isolated in Eastern Africa, with few trees, with a shortage of fruit and leaf, digging tubers (today: potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams), green beans (pea, bean, green beans), nuts, insects, eggs, fish, ...

- you still were not carnivores?

-comes with Homo ergaster: climate change and had got used to fish and meat (today, 18%) of dead animals ("best fish meat).

-to reach livestock and agriculture.

"And that fall cereals (flour), sugar, milk (skimmed bebámosla better because we are not yet adapted to its digestion) ... Instead of eating only 2% of that, we base our diet there!

- What will happen if we continue like this?

"There will be an epidemic of obesity, diabetes II, hypertension and arteriosclerosis. are linked syndromes each other: one leads to another. Today we group and talk about metabolic syndrome. And we die of it.

-I hear that diabetes is growing ...

-there will be 300 million diabetics in 2015. And diabetes leads to infarction. It is saying to him, we put in our body more sugar than ever throughout our evolutionary history. The pancreas secretes more insulin to get glucose into the cells and that the burn, but the cells resist: the insulin resistance, a mechanism that was useful in the past, as favored that glucose is stored as fat.

"But we are now fat and kills us.

"Yes, noting that it is blood glucose, the pancreas continues to secrete insulin and that hyperinsulinemia, excess insulin in the blood, promotes the accumulation of belly fat, hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Conclusion

evolutionary medicine indicates that physical inactivity, excess calories in our diet, abuse of carbohydrates, rapidly absorbed (refined grains), high glycemic index (sugar) and excess saturated fat (meat) are circumstances that keep us from our design, developed over millions of years of evolution and therefore result in disease. According to Darwinian medicine, our genes and our ways of are no longer living in harmony and one consequence of this discrepancy, among others, is obesity. The prevention and treatment, according to the precepts of Darwinian medicine, it would take to adapt our diet and our lifestyle, as far as possible, the conditions in which our ancestors thrived in our design. This is the only way to make peace between our genes with our Paleolithic lifestyles of the space age and thus prevent development of obesity.

Decalogue to adjust our lifestyle to our evolutionary design

1, we maintain appropriate weight.

2 º Perform regular physical exercise.

3 º Eat plenty of vegetable fiber (fruits and vegetables).

4 º Avoid foods high in calories.

5 º Reduce saturated fats (meat).

6 º Reduce fast sugars.

7 º Moderate salt in the dishes.

8 º Avoid or moderate alcohol consumption.

9 º Do not consume snuff.

10 th Combat stress


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