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"Endorphins" hormones being obese

The endorphins are neurotransmitters that increase in the pleasant moments of our life
: the joy, excitement ... and decreases in the sad moments: a fall to the ground, a disease or a discussion partner. These proteins Opioid analgesic properties and regulatory pleasure to be found, naturally, in the brain. Are the material vehicle of pleasure, euphoria, happiness and relief of pain, so much so that, colloquially, they are called "pleasure hormones" or "happiness."

Many people have learned to enjoy themselves and the reward that gives them their own body when performing an activity that benefits them: physical exercise, sex, laughter, hear a tune you like, massage or certain foods result in jets endorphins circulating in their blood. Instead, the stress , many diseases such as cancer or chronic diseases (arthritis, migraine ...) or lack of self and confidence in ourselves is accompanied low levels endorphins.
There are large studies that prove the relationship between a high level of life satisfaction, increased production of endorphins and better system immune . Those who have low levels of endorphins are significantly less happy and, consequently, become ill more frequently.

Many believe that food is only important for growth and reproduction of life, but forget their capital influence on our mood: on anxiety, depression or, of course, comfort. The relationship between food and brain chemistry is the direction that many researchers conduct their work to discover the causes of depression and obesity.
There are substances in the brain that we know to understand the changes in our mood. Among them we have this group of neurotransmitters , for example, catecholamines , which, in turn, are responsible for alertness and stress that we suffer under certain environmental conditions. Thus, an abundant intake food that are high in protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) and few carbohydrates causes the brain to release more this substance catecholamine, thus facilitating a more disturbed nervous state. In contrast, foods that have more carbohydrates (cereals, fruits) and low-protein stimulates the secretion other chemical called serotonin , responsible state of satiety and welfare.

Food and sensations

If we consider food as the chemical basis indispensable to our life, it is easy to understand that certain amounts of salt, caffeine, alcohol, xanthines , red meat and saturated fats increase the stress . By contrast, vegetables, fruits and grains are clearly substances stress. However, the environment where the substance will be used to mediate its effects.
Interestingly, certain Eastern religions, especially in India, advocate a diet based on vegetables and low in animal protein associating it with a full spiritual behavior and low aggression. Some U.S. studies link a high rate of aggression in people with high levels of intake animal protein that reaches this population in particular. Another food
generator endorphins is the spicy (chile, black pepper, white or cayenne, jalapeno ,...). The taste for hot sauce is not only due to its taste, but a fundamental component of these foods called capsaicin (substance that gives chile its power irritant). This substance stimulates the nerve endings in the mouth and brain do feel a sense of endorphins with subsequent temporary euphoria.
chocolate (cacao percentage the more the better!) Is another food generator endorphins. The theobromine , the caffeine and phenylethylamine contained in chocolate could be the cause of their alleged properties addictive. The phenylethylamine also belongs to the group of endorphins and the body produces naturally when we experience the sensation of falling in love, to reach the bloodstream, raises mood, creating a positive energy and feelings ranging from happiness to euphoria.

Food for sleep

A diet rich in tryptophan , an amino acid acting as a precursor of melatonin (hormone promotes relaxation, sleep, and acts as an antidepressant ) and poor in exciting, is the best guarantee of a restful sleep.
To have a positive effect on sleep is to consume from 1 to 5 mg of tryptophan daily. This amino acid is abundant in whole grains, tuna, bananas, dates, dried figs and nuts. Avoid taking
exciting as tea, coffee, cola or alcoholic beverages, red meat and cheese very cured, all these foods are rich in tyramine, a substance that promotes production of norepinephrine , brain stimulant that causes excitement. Conclusion

walking, and exercise regularly, practice yoga or pilates , laugh a lot and have a good mood, eating a diet rich in nutrients and hormone precursors (as described above), listen to your favorite music, getting enough sleep, massage, destroy our pessimistic trends and thinking positively are some ways to increase production of endorphins , our hormones happiness and welfare. It may also be necessary to look to heart to see the true beauty of life and thus produce endorphins necessary for good health.


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