Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Welfare Scripture, relearning to write

The subconscious often send messages that are seldom heard in an authentic way. And because of this lack of listening, still sending non-stop, while consciously we continue with what we are doing. This brings us to enter into a vicious circle that is very difficult to escape.

would be wonderful to stand a while to think and really listen, but we have not acquired the habit of concentration required to do so. So writing is the best way to catch the attention of the conscious, while the subconscious take time to speak to us in peace and security that will be heard.

is necessary to listen to the unconscious and congratulate him. If we keep thinking consciously different things to the subconscious sends us, we will not reach fruition. Writing is the best option for joining. It is also the best means of communication and transmission to realize the ideas of our minds, and it is the thought or voice writing.

has always existed in most of us the idea of \u200b\u200bkeeping a journal where you write what happens to us every day. However, better than a diary is a notebook that capture not only the facts but the thoughts about what happens to us.

What we feel and why we feel, decisions and conclusions, what we would have said and we did not dare, the secrets we keep inside, emotions, etc.

Anything is valid to remove it from within us and write in our notebook welfare.

Writing is a break for the mind and a balm for the heart. It's like when we filed with a friend, but in this case, our friend is always available to us.

is also a quick and easy way to connect with ourselves, to know and recognize, learn to know what we want and what is not. And then when we re-read what was written, it's always a reunion. It's like looking at us in a mirror in which our words are our reflection.


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