Monday, February 14, 2011

What To Say In Card On Anniversary Of Death

The gods and myths

For all the classical world, for all the great civilizations that today we would call pagan gods were human inventions to the fear of death or the forces of nature, but were living realities , natural powers that existed independently of human beings.

Realities and the harmony and unity they called Apollo, realities and the laws and justice they called Zeus, like beauty and love called Aphrodite, such as intelligence and wisdom called Athena. All these realities

occupied the center of civilization and lives, and how are you were transcendent realities and large, it seems that their lives and work, whether artistic, philosophical, scientific or heroic, so were.

And what myths. we wonder. Why myths used to talk about their gods?

Because the myths are full of symbols and the symbols are realities halfway between the world of archetypes, the essential reality of the Ideas, as Plato called it, of mathematical laws, what endures beyond changes and our own world.

Myths are the primary language through images and metaphors expressing emotion in front of the main forms of universal reality. The only way to approach the myths and the truths they contain, is setting aside preconceived ideas and try to raise its height to hear their own language.


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