Sunday, February 13, 2011

How To Do Wegie Doring

Honest Supermarket egg

stores Thai products to find the professor in Barcelona Thai cooking course, Tam, we recommended this Chinese supermarket, called "Honest", a declaration of intent.
was not controlled and that I have it relatively close to home, in the street Diputació to Passeig de Sant Joan. In essence it is a Chinese supermarket Chinese, with some Asian products, both Japanese, and Hindus and Thais.
surprising thing is that they have fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, a rare occurrence in the rest of Chinese supermarket in Barcelona. There is even a huge fish tank at that time with lots of crabs, I knew not clearly define the species, or take pictures, before the eyes of customers and workers.
As was in a hurry I could not stop to consider the crustaceans, the variety of exotic vegetables, frozen or pickled with scents strange unrecognizable to my pituitary. Pending a revisit of this supermarket honest and very special. SUPERMARKET HONEST. C / Diputació, 342. Barcelona. Confucius says: "Being a fan one thing is better than just knowing it, and enjoy it better than just being fond of it" (Analects, Book VI, 20), not come to mind, but there it is, I've read on the Lilith Blog Kitchen in Spain and China has caught my attention.


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