Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Snack de manzana para evitar úlceras

fdecomite or prolonging satiety , ie tricking the brain into the stomach. And while many large companies have tried (it will, at last, after all, a lucrative advance in this world of diets and low fat meals), it appears that those with the most advanced research scientists are now Nestle.
One of the trends in research to create new types of foods is aimed at fighting obesity ahead
Experiments developed the company has more to do with a new olive oil
whose digestion is eight times more than regular olive oil . Thus, more oil to reach the small intestine undigested, satiety sent to the brain is stronger.
The new oil have been adding monoglycerides
compound forms a protective layer gives about oil molecules, making the stomach acids are more difficult to get through to reach the oil (and digest) .

the moment all this has been tested only in an artificial stomach model (a device the size of a refrigerator), so it could take several years to see this technology-based foods to jump into the market (about five years, according to Nestlé).
  • What we do is quite clear is that this is definitely a direction you are working on many brands of food, and that sooner or later will have the right solution to create such products that are truly effective . This is a way with future

which invest more and more. We must stay alert!
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