Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Happens With Cystitis

The gradual warming of the earth, the so-called "greenhouse effect" from the hole in the ozone layer, which already has impressive dimensions.

For all the big cities of developed countries is of paramount importance, because the melting of the glacial vault of the two poles can cause a general increase in water level of 20 meters.

In this case, Tel-Aviv would be entirely swallowed by the waters as well as London, New York, Tokyo, Venice, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

This scenario is entirely plausible, but most people do not want to admit the possibility that this has already happened before.

Although in many civilizations that have had no contact with each other, there are myths relating to a flood.

These stories preserved in myths teach us that we should pay more attention to what triggered our behaviors. But we have never taken seriously.

I see two possible solutions to prevent this catastrophe: the first would be to decide to radically change our ways, but I fear it would be a pretty solution difficult to implement because our habits are so deeply ingrained in us.

The second solution is that of nature, ie, a decision that would take the Earth itself, as we have no evidence or reason to put aside the idea that the Earth is a living part of a living system , The Solar System.

I know how difficult it is to think of Earth as a living thing, but that comes simply from the fact that definitions of life that we use are based on the ideas we have about life.

is clear that words fail us and that our languages \u200b\u200bdo not contain the idea of \u200b\u200bLife, with a capital. For this is enough to understand when I say "Live," which speak of beings react.


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