Monday, March 21, 2011

Water Vinegar Deodorant

Arroz transgénico contra la alergia al polen

Despite how advanced is science, nature is still able to continue to keep some secrets. One is the
silk made by spiders
, commercial production could have many applications in the fields of biomedicine and biomaterials. Does the problem? Spiders work slowly and no laboratory has succeeded in replicating its silk.

science still does not give up, because
the potential of these silks is immense enhance certain characteristics, the fact is that the material produced by spiders naturally served as such for many applications. Spiders also produce up to five different types of silk, but do not produce as much over their lives to make profitable marketing.
Given this problem, many investigations are focusing on the reinvention of rich silk, of silk worms to make it like the spiders, more resilient and elastic. What has been achieved, however, is
a material similar to any polymer.

So what happens within these spiders to produce silk so special? The investigation is ongoing and progress, and time has already come to the conclusion that water is a key element
. Still, the silk of arañanas follows remains a mystery.

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networking, go. Something that is never wrong.


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