Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Creating ideas patience

In everyday life, many people try to find quick solutions, triumphs hurry without understanding that success is simply result of internal growth and it takes time. Perhaps for the same impatience, many of those who aspire to short-term results, we left all at once just when estab√°bamos about to conquer the goal.

is a difficult task to convince impatient success only comes to those who struggle to persevere and know to wait for the right time. Similarly, it is necessary to understand that we often face situations where we believe that nothing is happening.

And this can be extremely frustrating.

In those moments of despair (which everyone has), we accept that, in both arms do not go down - nor forsake not "see" the results we expect, "if something is happening within us: we are growing, maturing. Those who do not give up, they gradually and imperceptibly creating the habits and the character that will enable them to sustain success when it finally materializes.

The triumph is a process that takes time and dedication. A process that requires learning new habits and forces us to discard others. A process that requires change, action and amazing feats of patience. Time ...

How much are waiting for us, how little we exercise patience in this hectic world we live ... Hurry our children in their growth, we hurry to the taxi driver ... ourselves do things in a hurry, not sure why ... Lose faith when the results are not within our expectations, we abandon our dreams, we generate conditions from anxiety, stress ...

Why ?......

I propose to try to recover the perseverance, hope, acceptance.


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