Friday, March 25, 2011

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The road to Magic

For ancient magic had no possible knowledge of nature, without prior knowledge of itself which aims to launch towards Nature. The "Know thyself" is not just knowing who I am, how I am, what I do, what I like or do not like it is a purification process, which is known not only the superficial part outer man, but to know the best man. And to know the best is needed purification.

Another step in the path of the magician, was, paradoxically, the silence, reflection. Because when the mind is silent and questions subside, opening a form of inner sense, which now allows itself to capture a more sensible, more relaxed, more profound.

Magic is human and is in the hearts of all men. But, as with many other concepts, give them new life, new value. What gives them life? In the same way that breathes life into a being, it breathes life into the concept. The concept of magic, he breathes life giving back, credit. Turning to research, going back to school, returning to a past that is not an alien past, but our past, the past of humanity.

is likely that, as the ancients have always said, there are many steps, many forms of magic: from the simplest, since the slightest and simplest to the most complex, that of knowing the universe, its laws, its mysterious whys. All this magic is ours, it is up to us to become magicians in wise, in a word, in humans with a conscience.


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