Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Governor Briggs

I sincerely believe that there are difficult times in the history of mankind, we have done harm to our planet and the reaction is not surprising that we are negative, they are not always good crops and often lack water, or too little rain, and earthquakes shake us mercilessly.

But man, whenever he has gone forward, has started to think.

thinking emerged from the caves and built the cities thinking. Adult was thinking and came to the gods with the mind and intuition.

found his better feelings and gave them expression. Thinking regained power when he felt depressed and thought knew how to sow and reap the fruits of the soil.

The world is hungry because he is asleep. Nobody can make or eat while sleeping. It behooves us to open our eyes, there, high, where our head, open your heart and hands and abundance will come down.

think, feel and act to clear the hungry.


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