Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can Red Wine Cause Tarry Stools

Thinking Women

Each step of the way women I meet are expressed through "protests "either condemning their enslavement to the man or praising the state of slavery, either asking for more liberality of action or clamoring for protection, long time, do not inspire.

I see women trying to show scantily clad feminine look that is almost the only means of recognize, and I also see others who hide, not modesty, but with bad taste, all that nature gave to differentiate.

But above all things, I see disoriented, not knowing exactly what you want or what they are asked, so just about attention.

And yet, I think the important thing is to win attention, to win, not momentary flashy gimmicks, but with the firm and definite conquest of women, as a polarity of nature, can and must do yours.

History is something that a woman should know better than anyone, because history is also women, and as such is time in what goes on, but leaving deep scars on the road.

Time is the enemy of women, however.

time the woman does not age but makes it eternal, is always alive and projected into the eternal feminine, which was always the inspiration of all artists.

For a woman to be queen again and regain its rights without protest, it is necessary, indeed, all other factors return to their natural places, that man again to be a gentleman, who have a life again transcendent purpose, that education is available to men and not just report them.

But any work, any modification, must have a beginning. And women have always been a mother par excellence.
Today is allocated to women be a little mother of a new world where all things are defined in the light of the sun, which do not disguise a lack of "unisex" to evade responsibility.
She is so when he assumes the role of living nature, shining in love, beauty in understanding; when education based on the virtue not only their own children but to all who feel like children's heart, when driving a noble war, yet comforted by that war, when pouring the warmth of the shade of a tree, makes all benefiting from his side when, at last, feeling sure of her ancestral cosmic force, need not of vain protest or special days that dignify, because always and forever every woman draws closer to the first bright star which brought light in the sky deep steel.


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